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Lifestyle Medicine 2016

RRP $354.99

There are several premises that establish the need for this book.  First, that management of lifestyle is a necessary component for wellness and health promotion, as well as disease prevention and management.  Second, that physicians and allied health professionals lack sufficient education and training in lifestyle medicine to fulfill the imperative in the first point above.  Third, that existing publications, including a few detailed books on the topic, focus on theory and evidence but not practical implementation in clinical practice.  It is this third point that will be specifically targeted by this book.
How will the book be organized to achieve the third target above?  A clinical context will be provided first, which defines the need and nature of lifestyle medicine within a paradigm of preventive medicine. Next, the individual components of lifestyle medicine will be presented: nutrition, fitness, sleep, and behavior.  Then, specific case studies - spanning wellness, cancer, metabolic disease, cardiovascular-renal-liver disease, etc. --  will be presented with relevant theory, evidence, and practical aspects of lifestyle medicine implementation.  Finally, a compendium of practical resources will be provided.Each chapter will be written by a bona fide expert and the format will be highly structured and consistent throughout the book for clarity, brevity, and up-to-date content.  The expectation is that concepts can be easily translated into practice by the reader.
To my knowledge, although there are a few textbooks on lifestyle medicine, which are rather comprehensive, encyclopedic, and exhaustive, none are designed specifically for practical implementation.  This book therefore extends work in this burgeoning field.

The Atkins Essentials : A Two-week Program To Jump-start Your Low Carb Lifestyle

RRP $15.99

This must-have companion to "Dr. Atkins/ New Diet Revolution" describes a two-week program to jump-start the low-carb lifestyle, with easy-to-follow menus and delicious recipes. Original.

Atkins Made Easier!

Millions of people around the world have already discovered the Atkins Nutritional Approach™ and the remarkable benefits of controlling carbohydrates. Now it's even easier to join the revolution, lose weight, and get healthy the proven Atkins way!

With less of the underlying science and more practical information, The Atkins Essentials gets to the meat of the most popular and effective weight control program ever, providing the basic skills necessary to enable you to lose and keep losing unwanted body fat — and to keep it off forever!

Providing clear, concise answers to your questions and concerns, The Atkins Essentials is ideal for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle. For those new to Atkins, it is a quick and effective way to get started — and for those already on the program, it offers indispensable tips on eating out, stocking your pantry, and more.

Simply put, it is Atkins made easy, with:

* The ABCs of doing Atkins

* An effective two-week launch into weight-losing mode

* Personal modifications to slow or speed weight loss

* Helpful listings of acceptable and unacceptable foods and

* Fourteen days' worth of delicious, controlled carb eating ...

And Much More!

So get ready to look great and feel great the Atkins way — it's easier than ever before!

Introduction To A Minimalistic Lifestyle - Tips And Techniques To Decluttering Y

RRP $16.99

Introduction to a Minimalistic Lifestyle - Tips and Techniques to Decluttering Your Life Table of Contents Introduction What Has Stopped Now? Spring Cleaning Fever Rules of a Minimalist Lifestyle Why Are You Buying Something? Can I Afford This Thing Creating Tension for Ourselves Decluttering your living space Changing Yourself to Gain Happiness Author Bio Publisher Introduction A minimalistic lifestyle has been part and parcel of the human social fabric for millenniums. Why did humans need it? There was the time when humans were more interested in the struggle for survival against the elements, and against dangerous animals and also other human beings of other tribes. Slowly and steadily, human beings began to get more settled. Peace came onto the earth - or at least in their regions. Settlements began to grow. People began to settle down to an agriculturalist style of living, instead of going in for the Hunter lifestyle followed by their ancestors. Their Hunter ancestors 10,000 years ago - and ours, perhaps 25,000 years ago, and more - were not bothered much about gathering plenty of physical and material belongings to them. The concept of "your" and "mine" was not a common thing at that time. Nevertheless, they knew that they needed some basic materials to survive. These included clothing, hunting weapons and shelter. Utensils, they could do without, because all they needed was to have any hollow space available, and there they were, they could cook the food hunted during the day, and next day move their camps to other hunting grounds. But as human beings began to settle down, and began making permanent places in which to live, there began a steady search for knowledge and the expansion of mankind's creative and artistic sensibilities. That is when the concept of Your and Mine came into existence. The instinct of possessing something which was not easily available or which was just the possession of one particular person began to crop up in the lives of human beings. And that brought with it sorrow, jealousy, envy, greed, and all the other negative emotions, which unfortunately are parts of our lives today.


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