The Top 3 Most Popular Granny Flat Designs

If you have some extra space in your property and have no idea what to do with it, we highly recommend that you build a granny flat. One of the best advantages of adding a granny flat to your property is that the structural form of this miniature house can be ultra-flexible and can suit almost any extra space that you have. Also, you have a plethora of granny flat designs to choose from. By having many design options, you can find several AHI granny flats Adelaide designs that can maximise your property most conveniently and efficiently possible. If you’re interested and is already thinking about the best plan for your granny flat, we’re here to help you.


In this article, we’re going to show you three different types of granny flat designs that will truly elevate your home and your property. Continue reading to find out!


The Attached Accessory Dwelling Unit

Choosing the attached accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is the ideal option for homeowners with a large extra room that’s already part of the house. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have your granny flat as a separate structure to your home. You can either have it built right beside your house or even inside it as well. The attached ADU design is proof to that as it’s all about repurposing a large area of your home that you’re not using and turning it into a granny flat. This granny flat design is an excellent way for you to maximise the usage of your home, as well as get the most value of the space that you already have.


The Detached Dwelling Unit

Of course, since we talked about the allegedly different design of AHI granny flats Adelaide, we also need to mention the conventional one. The detached dwelling unit is easily the most recognisable granny flat. It’s the ideal type if you have some free space in your backyard. It will help you get more out of an underutilised spot on your backyard space. You can turn this type of granny flat design into anything you want. You can either make it into a mini guest house, a club meeting spot, a man cave, or even a storage area. Whatever you have in mind, a detached dwelling unit will make sure that you have more than enough space for it.


Garage Conversion

Finally, we have the garage conversion – which is exactly what you have in mind. It’s a garage that you’ve repurposed into a granny flat. Yes, it does fall under the category of the attached ADU. But we wanted to give it a highlight of its own since it’s one of the most popular options and is a creative take on achieving a great-looking granny flat.


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