4 Interesting Ideas for New Home Designs Adelaide

When are you going to update your home’s interior design? Did that question spark curiosity in your head? Well, if you haven’t been updating your home since the 90s, then that’s a resounding yes! What we’re trying to say is that your house is long overdue for an update, which is why right now is the perfect moment to give its much-deserved redesign. We want to chime in on your latest project, so here are four exciting ideas and concepts for new home designs Adelaide. We are here to help you out in any way possible to bring out the best experience inside your house.

All-natural Elements

Sure, it’s 2019, and you have all the technological advancements going on. But that doesn’t mean you need to tech out everything inside your house. You should also add some organic features to tone this down and add some refreshing accents. There’s nothing like fresh and natural materials such as stone, concrete, copper, and granite. These natural elements will bring an organic ambience to your space, which is always refreshing to have.

Velvet Furnishings

You may not believe it, but velvet furniture was considered old-fashioned and ugly. Now, the tides have turned – it is not considered as a modern, luxurious, and funky. Velvet furniture is a multi-dimensional fabric that’s already gaining attention for the last three years. It’s leading many designers to believe that velvet decors are going to be the sought-after trend for 2019 and the following years to come.

Floral Pattern

Another home design and decor that’s highly popular in the past, floral patterns are seeing a resurgence in relevance this 2019. It’s been around for a few years now and will only continue to be relevant in the upcoming years. However, for the modern theme, floral patterns are viewed in exaggerated proportions and contrasting colours. This timeless decor is perfect for your bedroom or your living room.

Copper Accents

Copper was a 2018 staple design. That trend has carried over to 2019 where we’re expecting to see home designers use more copper paired with rose gold accents. It also comes in a mixture of other metals. We’re in the modern age, after all. That means chrome or anything metallic is the trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Also, copper is a much-needed breath of fresh air. You should try it out.


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